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How to replace an ink pad on a 2000 Plus Printer Self-inking Stamp

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How to replace an ink pad on a 2000 Plus Printer Self-inking Stamp

Over time, the ink cartridge in your 2000 Plus Stamper can become depleted or the ink cartridge / pad can dry out. If your stamps are no longer bold or are hard to read, then you can easily re-ink the stamper by adding some fresh ink to the internal ink cartridge / pad. Re-inking is a straightforward task that will have your 2000 Plus Stamper creating crisp, clear and clean imprints again.

 Six simple procedures to start with, or watch our video below;

1. Push the stamp down and locate the lock switch on the right side of the stamp. Slide the lock switch over to lock it in place.

2. Open the ink well by gripping both sides of the tray and sliding it out. Note that you do not need to remove the tray, only slide it out--removal can damage the stamp.

3. Squeeze approximately five drops of Ideal ink from the refill container into each of the two holes on the ink tray.

4. Close the ink well by pushing it back in.

5. Wait approximately 15 minutes for the ink to saturate the pad.

6. Slide the lock switch the opposite direction to unlock the stamp and allow it to retract into the ink well.

Test the stamp to verify that the refill was a success by stamping on a clean sheet of paper. A properly refilled stamper should produce bold and clear stamps.

Instructional video for replacing your ink pad on your standard series 2000 Plus self-inking Printer.


Any questions call us at 714-979-1405 or email us at Sales@HittMarking.com

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