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MIL Specifications on Inks

Government Military Specifications

The following inks have been developed to conform
to the performance requirements of the listed
Government Specifications.  Special Customer marking requirements may result in exceptions to certain parts of these specifications.

Specification Title with Type or Class

A-A-208b Ink, Marking, Stencil, Opaque
Formerly- Type I: nonporous surfaces
stencil brush (per spec)  

stamp pad or foam roller  

Type II: porous surfaces



Type III: aerosol for either surface

Type IV: nonporous for stamp pads

packaged in tube  

packaged in bottles  

A-A-209a Ink, Stamp Pad
Formerly- Class I: fabric or foam latex rubber
or foam plastic pads  

Class II: wooden pads  

Ink, Marking (for parachutes and other textiles)
MIL-I-6903c Type I: stamp pad  

Type II: felt pen

Type III: ball point  

Type IV: stencil  

stamp/stencil very porous surface  

A-A-56032D Ink, Marking, Epoxy, Two-Part
Formerly- Type I: General usage
semi-paste (2-part)  

silk screen (2-part)  

semi-paste (1-part)  

silk screen (1-part)  

Type II: Nonconductive

semi-paste (2-part)  

silk screen (2-part)  

semi-paste (1-part)  

silk screen (1-part)  

Type III: Outside exposure

semi-paste (2-part)  

silk screen (2-part)  

semi-paste (1-part)  

silk screen (1-part)  

MIL-C-22750c Coating, Epoxy-Polyamide

Class I: no air pollution regulation  

Class II: air pollution regs enforced  

MIL-I- 43295a Ink, Marking, Vinyl  

TT-I-542e Ink, Marking, Laundry, Black  

TT-I-544 Ink, Marker, Felt tip  

Ink, Writing, Colored