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Fiberglass Latent Print Duster
7.5" Fiberglass Duster
Latent Print Brushes
Zephyr Fiberglass Fingerprint Latent Print Duster

7.5" Zephyr Fiberglass Fingerprint Latent Print Duster

Your Price $11.75
7.5" Zephyr Fiberglass Fingerprint Latent Print Duster

The Zephyr Brushes are the finest fiberglass latent print powder brushes available anywhere. Both the 7.5" long and 6" long Whisper™ Brushes contain thousands of ultra fine and ultra soft fiberglass filaments which pick up and hold fingerprint powder. The filaments are permanently affixed to the brush handle and do not fall out.

Always Soft - The tip of the fiberglass filaments
                       becomes even softer with use.

Additional Information

  • - Has a long life.
  • - Capacity to pick up and retain large amounts of fingerprint powder
  • - The filament ends actually become softer with each use.
  • - Brush consists of thousands of fiber bundles, each composed of more than a hundred individual treated-glass filaments.
  • - Since 1956, the Zephyr® Brush continues to be the best fiberglass fingerprint dusting brush available.
  • - Made of thousands of ultra fine and ultra soft fiberglass filaments
  • Any questions call 714-979-1405 or email us at Sales@HittMarking.com

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