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UV-ML49 Portable 6-watt Lamp

UVGL-48 Portable UV Lamp, Multiple SW/LW, 6W, 12V

Your Price $427.28
UVGL-48 Portable UV Lamp, Multiple SW/LW, 6W, 12V

Models UVGL-48 multi-band, UVG-47 shortwave and ML-49 longwave are ultraviolet lamps designed for operation using:

a) Two J-144 standard 6-volt lantern batteries (not included) in series, or

b) Two J-145 rechargeable 6-volt lantern batteries (not included).

Standard batteries have 20+ hours of life under normal usage. Rechargeable batteries (5 amp hours) will support approximately eight hours of continuous use, while 4 amp hour batteries support about 6.5 hours of continuous use. Rechargeable batteries are good for approximately 500 charges.

NOTE: With use of rechargeable batteries, the optional battery charger is required. DO NOT attempt to charge standard (non-rechargeable) batteries as this will result in permanent battery and/or lamp damage.

Battery Replacement

To install batteries, remove the battery cover plate. Place the lamp face down on a clean, smooth surface. Place the first battery, coil side pointing inward, into the battery cavity with the positive (+) coil on the bottom right. Place the second battery on top of the first in the same position. Re-attach cover plate to the lamp.

Charging the Rechargeable Batteries

With the rechargeable batteries inserted into the lamp, plug the charger cord into the port on the back of the lamp. Plug the charger unit into a wall outlet (for indoor use only). NOTE: It is very important to charge the batteries for at least 16 hours for the initial charge, since the initial charge will determine how much of a charge the battery will hold thereafter. If the initial charge is less than 16 hours, the battery will not hold its maximum charge and will need recharging more frequently.

Lamp Handle Adjust the lamp to the desired beaming angle (up, down or straight ahead) by simply moving your hand forward or backward on the curved carrying handle. Carry the lamp with the arm hanging straight down for maximum comfort.

Lamp Selector Switch

The lamp uses a 3-position switch. In the center position, the lamp is OFF. To operate the ultraviolet light, push switch to the left. To operate the flashlight, push switch to the right. Be sure to turn switch off when not in use.

Using the UVGL-48 Wavelength Selector

This is a multi-band ultraviolet lamp, half longwave and half shortwave. The wavelength selector slides up and down to allow wavelength selection. The upper half of the lamp (flashlight end) is shortwave, the lower half is longwave. The wavelength selector snaps on or off easily. When not in use, store the selector in the battery compartment between the battery and lamp housing wall.

Filter Assembly Replacement

TO REMOVE: Hold the lamp handle in one hand directly over the switch. With the other hand, grab the top half of the filter frame. With a rolling motion, pull the filter frame away from lamp body until it breaks free from its position. Then lift off.

TO REPLACE: Align the two locking nipples located inside the top end of the lamp housing with the filter assembly, then apply pressure on the bottom part of filter frame until it snaps into a locked position. Shortwave filters on UVG-47 and UVGL-48 have a rated average life of 1000 hours.

The ML-49 has no separate filter; its BLB tube contains the filter.

Any questions call 714-979-1405 or email us at Sales@HittMarking.com
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