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UVLS-28 UV Lamp
EL Series UV Lamps

EL Series UV Lamp, 8W, LW/SW

Your Price $459.55
EL Series UV Lamp, 8W, LW/SW

EL SERIES UV LAMP, 4W, SW/WHITE. Manufactured with a durable, extruded metal housing and scratch resistant powder paint. Select from a large range of lamps with single or multiple wavelengths and watts. 

Main Features

Select from a variety of wavelengths:                        

  • Select from lamps with four, six or eight watts.
  • Models available include 254nm shortwave, 365nm longwave or a combination UV wavelengths or UV and white light versions.
  • Basic configuration offers one UV and one white light tube -- the advantage of white light or UV illumination from one unit! Use white light when working with materials in a dimly-lit area.
  • Twin models have two tubes of the same wavelength or the 2UV™ Models use two different wavelengths.
  • The 3UV™ Model available only in the eight watt lamp, gives three UV wavelengths in one lamp! No other lamp offers this versatility. Easily switch among the three wavelengths (longwave, shortwave and midrange UV) as your application requires.

Rugged design is excellent for high usage. The lamps are lightweight for easy holding or place the lamp in the stand or cabinet for hands free operation. The built-in reflector enhances UV illumination.

Rugged design is excellent for high usage. The lamps are lightweight for easy holding or place the lamp in the stand or cabinet for hands free operation. The built-in reflector enhances UV illumination.

4, 6 or 8 watt
UV Source:

254nm, 302nm, 365nm, White
(refer to Part numbers for details on wavelengths for each lamp)
Metal housing with scratch resistant powder coat
Cord length:
8 ft.
4 Watt EL Lamps:
9.8L x 3.8W x 2.5D in. (249 x 97 x 64mm)
6 Watt EL Lamps:
12L x 3.8W x 2.5D in. (302 x 96 x 64mm)
8 Watt EL Lamps:
14.8L x 3.8W x 2.5D in. (376 x 96 x 64mm)
Lamp Stand:
10.74H x 13L x 3W in. (273 x 330 x 76mm)

Optional cabinets reduce ambient light provide darkroom conditions and optimum viewing conditions for fluorescence of materials. Refer to the Cabinets page for product features and ordering information.

  • Use the C-10E4 cabinet with the four watt EL Lamps
  • Use the C-10E6 Cabinet with the six watt EL Lamps
  • Use the C-65 cabinet with one or two of the eight watt EL Lamps

Optional lamp stand can be used with any of the EL Series Lamps for hands free operation of the lamp. The lamp easily slips in and out of the lamp as needed.

UV blocking eyewear

Part Numbers
EL Series Four Watt Lamps
Model 115V 230V Watt/Wavelength Replacement Filter
UVL-14 95-0264-01 95-0264-02 4 Watt, 365nm/White 38-0183-02
UVL-24 95-0267-01 95-0267-02 4 Watt, 365nm 38-0183-05
UVLS-24 95-0271-01 95-0271-02 4 Watt, 2UV 365nm/254nm 38-0183-03
UVS-14 95-0266-01 95-0266-02 4 Watt, 254nm/White 38-0183-01
UVS-24 95-0269-01 95-0269-02 4 Watt, 254nm 38-0183-04
EL Series Six Watt Lamps
UVL-26 95-0275-01 95-0275-02 6 Watt, 365nm 38-0182-05
UVLM-26 95-0278-01 95-0278-02 6 Watt, 2UV 365nm/302nm 38-0182-03
UVLS-26 95-0279-01 95-0279-02 6 Watt, 2UV 365nm/254nm 38-0182-04
UVM-16 95-0273-01 95-0273-02 6 Watt, 302nm/White 38-0182-04
UVS-16 95-0274-01 95-0274-02 6 Watt, 254nm/White> 38-0182-01
UVS-26 95-0277-01 95-0277-02 6 Watt, 254nm 38-0182-04
UVL-16 95-0272-01 95-0272-02 6 Watt, 365nm/White 38-0182-02
EL Series Eight Watt Lamps
UVL-28 95-0248-01 95-0248-02 8 Watt, 365nm 38-0158-01
UVLM-28 95-0251-01 95-0251-02 8 Watt, 2UV 365/302nm 38-0158-03
UVLMS-38 95-0252-01 95-0252-02 8 Watt, 3UV 365 /302/254nm 38-0158-06
UVLS-28 95-0201-01 95-0201-02 8 Watt, 2UV  365nm/254nm 38-0158-03
UVM-18 95-0199-01 95-0199-02 8 Watt, 302nm/White 38-0158-05
UVM-28 95-0250-01 95-0250-02 8 Watt, 302nm 38-0158-02
UVS-18 95-0200-01 95-0200-02 8 Watt,254nm/White 38-0158-05
UVS-28 95-0249-01 95-0249-02 8 Watt,254nm 38-0158-02
UVL-18 95-0198-01 95-0198-02 8 Watt, 365nm/White 38-0158-04
J-138 18-0063-01 Lamp Stand
Replacement Tube 34-0056-01 8 Watt, White
Replacement Tube 34-0006-01 8 Watt, 365nm
Replacement Tube 34-0042-01 8 Watt, 302nm
Replacement Tube 34-0007-01 8 Watt, 254nm
Replacement Tube 34-0063-01 6 Watt, White
Replacement Tube 34-0034-01 6 Watt, 365nm
Replacement Tube 34-0044-01 6 Watt, 302nm
Replacement Tube 34-0013-01 6 Watt, 254nm
Replacement Tube 34-0066-01 4 Watt, White
Replacement Tube 34-0005-01 4 Watt, 365nm
Replacement Tube 34-0071-01 4 Watt, 302nm
Replacement Tube 34-0003-01 4 Watt, 254nm

Any questions call 714-979-1405 or email us at Sales@HittMarking.com
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