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CA9000 CA Fuming Chamber, 72" wide X 94" high

SKU: FS-CA9000
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CA9000  L x 72" W x 94" H, Bench-top Laboratory Fuming Chamber (120 V/60Hz)

CA Fuming Chamber, 72" wide X 94" high.
Door is 36" wide.
Includes (2) CA-2818 carbon filter and (2) FE-2013 prefilter. 110V

CA-9000  70" High Capacity Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber with Microprocessor Controller

The CA Series is constructed from powder coated aluminum with an automatically locking safety glass viewing door. Microprocessor control allows the operator to set fuming cycle time and relative humidity levels between 50-80%. Using the CA Series is simple; position the non-porous evidence inside the chamber, add cyanoacrylate to the heating element and push the start button to begin fuming.

The evidence technician can set fume cycle time and relative humidity via the simple-to-use microprocessor controller. During the fume and purge process the aluminum door automatically locks to prevent exposure to potentially harmful cyanoacrylate. Our exclusive, patented* filtration process ensures potentially hazardous cyanoacrylate fumes, that are generated during the fuming process, are effectively removed during the purge cycle. The cyanoacrylate-laden chamber air is not exhausted into the room like other brands of cyanoacrylate fuming chambers. The air is recirculated through a specially blended activated gas phase filtration bed until the cyanoacrylate fumes are removed. Our patented method for capturing potentially harmful cyanoacrylate fumes is more effective than the single-pass filtration method incorporated by other chamber designs.



Microprocessor Controller Features
  • Fully automated, user programmable development system
  • LCD display of fuming options and development and system parameters
  • Accurate, user-programmable control of relative humidity from 50-80%
  • User-definable fuming cycle length
  • Internal circulation fan is user programmable - promotes even cyanoacrylate vapor distribution within chamber
  • 110V and 220V AC configuations
CA‑3000 and CA‑6000 Construction
  • Powder coated aluminum chamber
  • Automatic locking safety glass viewing door
  • Vapor-proof fluorescent lightning
Best In Class Safety Features
  • Patented, recirculatory filtration design (US Patent # 6,660,054)
  • Specialized blended gas phase filtration media for cyanoacrylate
  • Door automatically locks during development and purge cycles
  • Constant filter life monitoring of pre-filtration and gas phase filtration
  • Filtrak™ positive sealing system - eliminates bypass of potential harmful cyanoacrylate fumes
CA‑9000 Construction
  • Powder coated aluminum and steel chamber for strength and integrity
  • Automatic locking safety glass viewing door
  • Vapor-proof fluorescent lighting
  • Removable epoxy resin floor is structurally reinforced for heavier evidentiary items


Cyanoacrylate is heated at ″A″ and released into the chamber where it is mixed with Humidity at ″B″.

An internal circulation fan then mixes the cyanoacrylate vapor and humidity for even distribution around the articles of evidence at ″C″.

At the end of the user-set development time, air is purged from ″C″ into the specially blended gas phase carbon filter at ″D″.

Chamber air is then placed into the patented* recirculation loop at ″E″ that continues to filter the internal chamber air until it has been scrubbed free of residual cyanoacrylate fumes.


Any questions call 714-979-1405 or email us at

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