12oz Sprayon Green Stencil Spray Ink Can

SKU: ST-S03111

Sprayon® Green Stencil Ink

Ultra-opaque stencil inks provide bold, clean stenciling on a variety of surfaces. These fast-drying, high-contrast colors spray a sharp, clean edge without smearing, smudging or rippling. This is the handiest way to apply shipping information, product coding, assembly and maintenance instructions. Also used in steel mills and by metal fabricators for color coding.
  • High solids formula for one-coat coverage
  • Sprays a sharp, clean edge without smearing or smudging
  • Dries quickly for permanently marked surfaces
  • Meets MIL-A-A-208B
  • Match Fed. Std. 595 colors
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Do not contain chlorinated solvents or Sara Title III ingredients
  • Equipped with EZ TOUCH® Standard Nozzle
  • Size 16oz, Net Wt. 12oz

Recommended Uses:
Cartons, corrugated boxes, fiber drums, lumber, wooden crates, steel coils, metals, paper, fabrics, plastics, plaster, stone, glass, asphalt and concrete. Virtually any porous or non-porous surface.

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