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IDEAL 2oz Bottle of Ink SP-S3 2-1/2" x 4" STONE PAD  

Mark-Hitt Two-Part Epoxy Ink

Surfaces: Ceramics, phenolics, polyesters, melamines, silicones, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, glass, electronics.

Drying Time: Air dry from 2-3 hours. Curing time can be speeded up by adding heat. 7 to 10 days required for maximum adhesion, and chemical resistance. Require addition of a catalyst immediately prior to use.

Characterisics: Meets Spec. MIL-I-43553. A two-part epoxy ink with a high degree of adhesion to the most difficult surfaces. Becomes permanent after curing. Excellent resistance to solvents and chemicals.

Colors: Black, White-1/2 oz. packets, quarts available. Other colors available on special order.

Applications: Especially formulated for the electronics industry for use with Markem, Prenco, Rezafix, Jan Tech, Mark & Pack, Eastern and other parts marking machines. May also be applied with a rubber stamp by rolling out a thin film of ink with a brayer on a smooth surface.

Mark-Hitt Invisible Stamp Ink

Surfaces: Skin-Usually hands.

Drying Time: Instant.

Characterisics: Ink is made so that it will show up only under a Black ultraviolet light. Used for identification purposes at dances, pools, private picnics, etc.

Colors: Blue-when under light.

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Mark-Hitt No. 214 Stamp Ink

Surfaces: For stamping semi-absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces such as flossy paper, painted surfaces, metal, hardwood, electronic parts.

Drying Time: 30 to 60 seconds.

Characterisics: Good adhesion, non-acid, waterproof - Approved by Dept. of Agriculture for use on food packages.

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Purple, White, Yellow, Orange, Green and Brown.

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Mark-Hitt Stamp Ink Thinner #141

For: #141, Cellophane, Indelible, A. X., Opaque, #628, #214, or any ink used with opaque pads. Characterisics: These thinners have the same solvents used in each particular ink. Only the color is eliminated. Will rejuvenate the ink or pad and will bring it back to its original state and drying time. Can also be used for cleaning rubber stamps.

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Mark-Hitt Parachute Ink #6903

Surfaces: Nylon parachute cloth, parachute pack cloth and webbing.

Drying Time: Within 10 seconds after stamping on material.

Characterisics: When applied with rubber stamp, will produce a sharp legible impression, indelible. Meets Govít. Spec. MIL-I-6903.

Colors: Strata Blue, Orange-Yellow, Red, Black.

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Mark-Hitt Metal Marking & Stenciling Ink

Surfaces: For marking and stenciling iron, steel drums, boilers, sidewalks and any painted or non-absorbent surface.

Drying Time: Will set to touch in 5 minutes. Will dry in 10 to 15 minutes.

Characterisics: To be used with ordinary pot and stencil brush. Can be prepared for use in fountain brush if order is made to read "Metal F.B.". Ink has good adhesion, is rub resistant and waterproof. Govít. Spec. TT-1-558 and MIL-1-1795A Type 1.

Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Silver. Matched and Govít. colors can be made to order.

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Mark-Hitt No. 432 Ink

Surfaces: Metal parts, plastic parts, printed circuit boards, glass, polyethylene, polypropylene excellent adhesion on all hard to mark surfaces.

Drying Time: 15-30 seconds. The longer this ink is allowed to dry, the harder the impression becomes, making it more resistant to solvents and other washes.

Characterisics: Made to resist solvents such as degreasers, freon, alcohol, trichloroethylene, cleaning fluids, soap water.

Colors: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple.

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Mark-Hitt Indelible Ink

Surfaces: Absorbent surfaces, linen, hosiery.

Drying Time: Almost immediately, depending on absorbency of material.

Characterisics: Will withstand many washings. Can be used with rubber or metal stamp or stencil if used sparingly.

Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, White.

Mark-Hitt No. 245 Stamp Ink Surfaces: Any non-absorbent material. Very good for all types of cellophane.

Drying Time: 3-5 seconds.

Characterisics: A very fast drying ink that has excellent adhesion on most non-absorbent surfaces. Makes sharp impressions that are very rub resistant. Good for production line work because of its quick drying characteristics and ability to adhere to a wide varient of materials. Approved by Dept. of Agriculture for use on food packages.

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Mark-Hitt No. 628 Polyethylene Stamp Ink

Surfaces: Treated Polyethylene, plastics, metal and most non-absorbent surfaces.

Drying Time: 5-10 seconds.

Characterisics: Quick drying, waterprood, Excellent Adhesion. Very good on hard to mark polyethylene. Comes in vivid pigmented colors. Will not migrate through plastic. Conforms to Govít. Spec Mil-1-16557 a type 1. Approved by Dept. of Agriculture for use on food packages.

Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green Yellow, White, Orange, Purple, Brown, RED conforms to Govít. Spec TT-1-554A.

Mark-Hitt A. X. Stamp Ink Surfaces: Non-absorbent-for stamping and pen use on highly glazed surfaces, metallic labels, painted surfaces, electronic parts, hardwood, celluloid.

Drying Time: 30-60 seconds.

Characterisics: Acid base, good adhesion, etches slightly into surface, waterproof. Govít Specs. TT-1-545a; TT-1-547a. Approved by underwriter lab for use on electrical fixtures.

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple and Brown.

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Mark-Hitt Indelible Laundry Ink

Surfaces: Used with pen, rubber stamp or stencil for marking linen and clothing.

Drying Time: Almost immediately-Depending on absorbency of material.

Characterisics: Acid base. Will not bleach out, no preparation or hot iron required, can be washed immediately after marking. Not to be used on top of sizing. Govít. Spec. TT-1-542.

Colors: Black.

Mark-Hitt 476 Solvent Resistant Ink

Surfaces: Metal parts, plastic parts, printed circuit boards, glass.

Drying Time: 30-60 seconds depending on surface.

Characterisics: Made to resist solvents such as degreasers, alcohol, cleaning fluids, etc. The longer this ink is allowed to dry, the more resistant it will be to solvents.

Colors: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple.

Mark-Hitt No. 1250 Ink

Surfaces: All non-absorbent surfaces such as metal, cellophane, foil, resin coated photographic paper, mylar, chrome coated labels, food packaging.

Drying Time: 10-15 seconds.

Characterisics: The ink specifically formulated for use on the Mark 11 stamp pad. An excellent all purpose ink. Waterproof, excellent adhesion, USDA approved for food packaging. Conforms to Govít. Spec. TT-1-1795A, Type 1, when a stamping ink is required. Also meets Spec. MIL-16557A, Type 1.

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Brown, White, Yellow, Orange, Silver.

NOTICE: While the manufacturer takes utmost care in compounding & manufacturing these inks, we cannot guarantee their performance. All inks are sold with the understanding that our liability with respect to any defective ink is limited to the replacement of the ink.

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