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Pre-Inked Stamps

  • 19 mount sizes
  • 6 handles, 2 textures
  • Center spring action
  • Flush dust cover (most sizes)

XL-2 Pre-Inked Daters

Stop substituting *Versa-dater® orders with self-inking daters.  Give your customers what they ordered... The highest quality dater available.

XL2 daters are made with our flash material and most flash equipment on the market.

You can control the manufacturing in-house while delivering an outstanding product.

  • A premium product at a premium price
  • Two die plate sizes
  • "Kiss" imprint - virtually noiseless
  • Easy to make and easy to sell

Slim Stamps

Slim Stamps makes an excellent "stand alone" line of stamps. Many consumers may prefer them due to their compact size.

Slim Stamps & PSI self-inking stamps utilize the same die box. This makes the die boxes interchangeable in 6 of 9 sizes.

  • Dies are produced with flash technology
  • Seven sizes, including 2" round
  • Compact - easy to store and carry
  • 5 ink colors
  • Interchangable with PSI self-inking stamps

QD Stamps

Our Q.D. stamps are perfect for drying on most non porous surfaces (i.e. glass, metal, glossy paper etc.) The mounts are molded out of polycarbonate so they can withstand our industrial inks.

  • Dries on most surfaces
  • Easy to make in-house
  • A premium product sold at premium prices
  • Two ink colors, Black and Red


The Insta Mark Series is a revolutionary fast dry, self-inking set of stamps for marking clear, sharp impressions on nonporous surfaces. These stamps are a cost effective and productive solution for your inspection marking process. The Insta Mark technology has combined industrial/mil-spec fast-drying inks with an airtight casing. This gives inspectors the mobility to mark nonporous surfaces without the need for a separate ink source (stamp pad).

Our new patent pending casing is capable of Micro Pressure Adjustments of the marking die. These adjustments allow the stamp face to just exceed the plastic casing. As a result, marks are never too heavy, blurry or too light. The ability to adjust the height of the marking die provides dramatic improvement to the consistency and clarity of your stamp impression.

Surfaces the Insta Mark regularly stamps on:
Printed Circuit Boards, Sheet Metal, Engine Components, Computer Assemblies, Car Tires, PVC Plastic, Glossy Beverage Cases, Silicon Wafers, Ceramic Tile, Auto Mirror Assemblies, Thin Film Plastic, Egg Shells and more.

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