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B-100AP UV LW 100-watt
B-100A/R UV LW 100-watt Spot with cord
B100A UV LW 100-watt
UV-B100 SP
B100SP 140-watt longwave, self-ballasted lamp is the most portable high-powered lamp.

B-100AP UV LW 100-watt

Your Price $763.05
B-100AP UV 100-watt - 230 Volt

Main Features
  • The B-100 Series lamps are available in a variety of styles: All "P" series lamps come with the special heat-resistant plastic Cool-Touch TM housing which allows users to handle the lamp head regardless of how long the lamp has been operating. These rugged lamps can be placed face down on a working surface without damage to the filter. The non "P" models are built with an aluminum lamp head.
  • A 100 watt spot bulb is standard with all models (except the B-100SP); the bulb is rated at 5000 hours.
  • Self-ballasted bulb included with the B-100SP has an average life of 450 to 2000 hours depending on use patterns
  • Flood bulb may be used in all lamps (except B-100SP). Flood bulb life is estimated at 2000 hours
  • The lamp head connects to the transformer base for hands free use (all models except B-100SP) allowing the lamp head to rotate a full 360°; remove the lamp from the base for additional mobility
UV Source:
365nm longwave UV
100 watts (all models except B-100SP which 140 watts)


Finger Guard:

Prevents fingers from touching the bulb
Finger Guard for B-100AP, B-100AP/R - 89-0068-01
Lamp Funnel:

Directs the UV source to a specific location
Lamp Funnel for B-100AP, B-100AP/R, B-100SP - 19-0126-01
Lamp Visor:

Shields the user from the blue haze emitted from the lamp
Lamp Visor for B-100AP, B-100AP/R, B-100SP - 19-0125-01
Lamp Visor for B-100A, B-100AR - 19-0124-01
Exposure Box:

For placement of small objects
Exposure Box for B-100AP, B-100AP/R - 76-0055-01
  • UV Blocking Eyewear
  • Reveal Leak Detection Additives
Part Numbers
115V 230V Model Description
95-0044-22 95-0044-02 B-100A Longwave UV Lamp, 230 Volts 21,700/8,900
95-0044-03 95-0044-04 B-100A/R Longwave UV Lamp 20 ft. cords, 115 Volts 21,700/8,900
95-0127-01 95-0127-02 B-100AP High Intensity 100 Watt Longwave UV Lamp, Cool-Touch Housing, 230 Volts 21,700/8,900
95-0127-06 95-0127-07 B-100AP/R High Intensity 100 Watt Longwave UV Lamp
20 ft cords, Cool-Touch Housing, 230 Volts
95-0128-01 N/A B-100SP High Intensity 140 Watt Longwave UV Lamp, Cool-Touch Housing, 115 Volts 11,600/5,000
95-0044-24 95-0044-18 B-100Y High Intensity Wafer Inspection Lamp,
Yellow Filter, 230 Volts
95-0127-03 95-0127-04 B-100YP High Intensity Wafer Inspection Lamp, Yellow Filter, 100 Watt, Cool-Touch Housing, 115 Volts  
89-0068-01 Finger Guard for B-100AP, B-100AP/R
19-0126-01 Lamp Funnel for B-100AP, B-100AP/R, B-100SP
19-0125-01 Lamp Visor B-100AP, B-100AP/R, B-100SP
19-0124-01 Lamp Visor for B-100A, B-100AR
76-0055-01 Exposure Box B-100AP, B-100AP/R
19-0158-01 Lamp Guard B-100A, B-100AR
34-0054-01 Bulb, Spot
34-0049-01 Bulb, Self Ballasted B-100SP
38-0009-02 Filter for B-100Y and B-100YP

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