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ABS Plastic Sheet Stock & Custom Cut Stencils

Extra Large Letter Stencils

Blank Stencil Sheets made from heavy-duty 60 mil (1/16") plastic. 
Sheet sizes are 24"x36", 48"x96" and 71"x119".

All material is in stock, ready-to-ship and can be ordered in any quantity. This is a premium industrial-grade sheet plastic stencil material. The primary use for this sheet stock would be to cut your own parking lot stencil, field stencil or for any industrial stencil application. 

This 60 mil sheet stock can be cut or scored with a utility knife or jig saw/reciprocating (also known as a sawzall). The LLDPE is softer, easier to cut and can be rolled and stored for future use. This material was designed to be cut by laser machines so if your not sure you have the tools to cut it, let us do it for you.

All sheets can be rolled and shipped via UPS in a 48" or 72" tall rectangular carton.

Note: Certain delivery locations may require an extra shipping charge. You will be contacted before any additional charges

For higher quantity price breaks or any questions call 714-979-1405 or email us at Sales@HittMarking.com

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ABS Blank Stencil Sheet
Blank Stencil Sheets made from heavy-duty 60 mil (1/16") plastic.

48"X96" 60 MIL ABS Blank Stencil Sheet
Blank Stencil Sheets made from heavy-duty 60 mil (1/16") plastic.

48"X96" 60 MIL LLDPE Plastic Sheet
Blank Stencil Sheets made from heavy-duty 60 mil (1/16") plastic.

ABS 1/16" Thick Plastic Stencil Set, 48 in. 12 Characters.
48 in. 12 Character Stencil Kit

ABS 1/16" Thick Plastic Stencil Set, 48 in. 28 Characters.
48 in. 28 Character Stencil Kit