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Electric Cutting Media

Electric Cutting Media- Choose Media and Size

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Electric Cutting Media

We have a variety of electric cutting media for you to choose from. Your choice below with pricing. Stencil Board, Ultra-Cut, Poly-NT, Poly-Extra. Our leading-edge materials, stencil boards and ink applicators provide you with the necessary accessories you need to succeed. Take a closer look at these resources for your electronic and manual cutting machines.

Stock#  Item  Description
Stencil Rolls, 20" x 100' (Two rolls per box)
The reliable favorite. Two rolls of 10-point rolled board.
POLY-NT, 13.5" x 100' Roll
For the customer looking for media that can be used for multiple applications, the Poly-NT material is the right choice. Poly-NT which is very similar to Mylar can be stored and reused multiple times.
Poly Extra, 18" x 100' Roll
Just like Poly-NT, except there is extra width for larger stencils & a light, temporary adhesive to prevent your stencil from slipping.
Black Vinyl, 15" x 50 Yards
Our vinyl material which is available in multiple colors is the number one choice for user created signs.
White Vinyl, 15" x 50 Yards
Our vinyl material which is available in multiple colors is the number one choice for user created signs.
Vinyl Transfer Tape, 14" x 100 Yards
For use with vinyl material, to help transfer the cut sign or stencil from the backing material to the surface.

Any questions call 714-979-1405 or email us at Sales@HittMarking.com
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